Gay Guide Palmas

For some time we noticed an increase in searches and access to events in Destination LGBTT Palms, so we’re going to bring the best information to residents and tourists. Gay audiences of applause now has this exclusive Guide to make life easier and you can help us improve it even more, sending tips and information, click here and contact us.

Companies can participate in the construction of this guide and adopt the label “Gay Friendly Palms”, that is, a company that seeks to respect everyone, without any distinction as regards sexual condition.

Gay sites in Palms

Lanterna Lounge Bar

The Lantern Lounge Bar not labels, let your customers come, experience, meet and create each one, their concept. What matters in the end is that all enjoy the moment. And that, above all, make sure that we’re the Flashlight, the place to be. The Lantern Bar is the destination partner Handclaps.


The Cave Casual Pub

With the shape of a cave home features: two bars, one next to the runway and another American with drinks from soda to the most sophisticated, air-conditioned Club and a very roomy and super cozy for those who want more tranquillity and less fuss.

Most applications used


The Tinder is a fun way to connect with new and interesting people close to you. Move the pictures to the right to enjoy or to the left to pass. If someone enjoy you back, you combine! Talk to your combination or take a photo to share a Moment with all their combinations at once. Is a new way to express themselves and share with your friends. Available in Store and Play on the App Store.


SCRUFF is the application of dates and preferred social network a community of more than 5 million gay, bi, and curious from around the world. The SCRUFF you find all kinds that you attract: young, athletic muscle boys, bears, sportsmen, students, military, vigorous nerds and many others. Available in Store and Play on the App Store.